Our Teams for 2014/2015

We usually try to enter 3 Mens, 1-2 Ladies, 2-3 Mixed and 2-3 Cup teams every season depending on the numbers of people we have wanting to play. Our selection committee chooses these teams based on all sorts of things such as ability, individual requests, previous results and a little bit of voodoo! Captains mostly volunteer and have the responsibility of at least ensuring a complete team will be playing on the night. Those who we are not able to get into a regular team still have a lot of opportunities to play for a team as a substitute as people often can't make certain matches or get injured. The Cup teams allow the players to partake in level doubles as well as mixed within an independently provided handicapped system such that the results are always very close!

In all tables below, (c) denotes the captain.

Ladies A
Frankie Alex (c)
Lucy Holly
Claire Gemma
Mens A
Mike F (c) Pete
Jim Craig
Kirk Adi
Mens B
James S Vineeth
Oliver Tom E
Simon Ikram (c)
Mens C
Tom B (c) Harry
Dave Mike W
Chris Nigel

Mixed A
Jim Alex
Kirk Holly
Adi (c) Frankie
Mixed B
Mike F Lauren
Pete Lucy
Tom E (c) Jo
Jim Holly
Kirk Alex
Pete Lucy
Adi Claire (c)
Craig (c) Anna
Mike F Lauren
Chris Jo
Tom E Gemma